The Revd. Dr. Beatrice Brandon D. D.

Beatrice Brandon is a well-respected pastoral theologian, with a wide breadth of experience, working quietly and effectively in her role as Archbishops' Adviser for the Healing Ministry for the past eight years. She was the initiator, researcher, co-writer and senior editor of the report A Time to Heal published on behalf of the House of Bishops (2000). Beatrice studied pastoral theology at Heythrop College, London University, where she was awarded an MA. Subsequently she was ordained in Peterborough Diocese where she served her title curacy. In 2007 the Archbishops of Canterbury and York gave Beatrice the title Archbishops' Adviser for the Healing Ministry, in recognition of her pioneering work of monitoring, developing, teaching and preaching about this ministry. In October 2012 she was awarded the full higher degree of Doctor of Divinity in recognition of her services to the Church of England at diocesan and national level, and for her important contribution to a better understanding and appreciation of the significance of the healing ministry. Read more.

She works in the Provinces of Canterbury and York and with dioceses in the Scottish Episcopal Church and in the Church in Wales, with bishops and their senior staff, diocesan advisers, parish clergy, ordinands, lay people and healthcare professionals. Her role involves enabling God's people through her preaching and teaching, ministering, leadership, strategic planning and advising on the healing ministry and the deliverance ministry within the Church of England and other Provinces of the Anglican Communion, and with our ecumenical partners, taking into account trends in healing and deliverance within contemporary society.


Developing a significant recommendation in the report A Time to Heal published on behalf of the House of Bishops (2000), Beatrice was a founder member and chairman (2004-2008) of Churches Together for Healing (CTH) the national enabling ecumenical group within Churches Together in England (CTE) involving representatives of 11 denominations. Beatrice is committed to ecumenism as an expression of healing and reconciliation within the Church. She also encourages awareness of opportunities through the ministry of healing and associated forms of pastoral care, to welcome people back into the Church.

Beatrice has researched the deliverance ministry across all 44 dioceses in the Church of England and across 29 denominations in CTE. She has studied deliverance ministry and exorcism in Rome at the Instituto Sacredos dell' Atheneo Pontificio Regina Apostolica. In 2010 she produced the first report on the state of the deliverance ministry within the Church of England and extensive recommendations for its strategic support and development, good practice, training and oversight. and is a member of the Christian Deliverance Study Group which trains Anglican bishops' deliverance ministry advisers.

In March 2016, Beatrice was given the additional title with regard to her contribution and work with the Church in Wales, of Archbishop's Adviser and Adviser to the Bench of Bishops for the Ministry of Deliverance and the Healing Ministry.

Beatrice is strongly committed to the Church's mission and ministry in parishes and deaneries. She encourages the healing ministry to be available as part of the normal daily life of the local Christian community. She also recognises the importance of cooperation between conventional healthcare and Christian spiritual approaches to healing.

Her broad list of interests beyond her ministry include a love for the arts and culture including cinema, theatre and opera, a wide range of music (Beatrice plays the harpsichord), and all things Italian. She enjoys gardening, growing her own fruit and vegetables and entertaining friends and family.